Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day Two

Good morning! One of the side effects I was warned about with Adipex was insomnia. Maybe that kicks in later, because I slept like a baby last night! :-P

Here's the day two timeline:

7:54 Adipex with a 32-oz glass of water, and cup of coffee (not decaf, not yet)

9:00 one hour later and I don't feel near the "rushy," manic way I felt yesterday after the first hour, but I definitely feel a lot more energized!

11:00 haven't eaten yet, haven't felt hungry. Ivonne said "Only eat when you're hungry!" I like her method better than what I was originally told of "don't eat at all for the first 3-6 days." :-)

2:00 still not feeling hungry. I've had 64 ounces of water, and I'm drinking my first diet Pepsi of the day.

3:30 finally a little hungry, so I had some cottage cheese while I fed Jonah. It hit the spot! 

6:00 went to grandma's pool. It was heavenly, since the high was 86 today! I Actually managed my 30 minutes of exercise by doing laps. I thought my heart was going to burst!! Chris brought KFC to eat outside by the pool. I had  not quite 1/2 of a white meat breast with no skin, a small portion of green beans and three bites of mashed potatoes, not gravy. (I counted--three bites.)

8:45 the boys are in bed and I'm tired! I've got some work to do, then I'm hitting the hay!

198 today,



Anonymous said...

You are doing an awesome job. I think your meal plan should do well. Swimming is great exercise. Keep up the good work. Your journey will be inspiring to others.


web-betty said...

Thanks for all of your help Ivonne!