Monday, May 12, 2008

Day Six

Day six fell on Mother's Day. I did cheat a little (I ate two small meals, had a mimosa at lunch, and half a baked potato with butter only at dinner), but I still kept my two meals very small and pretty healthy. Watching my portion control and what I put in my mouth has almost become an obsession!

8:15 Adipex and some water.

9:45 1/4 serving Quaker Weight Control oatmeal. (I needed a few bites of something to tide me over, and this is a pretty healthy choice.)

12:30 a wonderful lunch, on the way to the beach, at a restaurant called Two Blondes and a Shrimp. Instead of having the shrimp alfredo, which was calling my name, I had the shrimp cocktail (8 medium sized shrimp) and a nice mixed greens (no iceberg lettuce) salad (of which I only ate half).

A little nutritional side-note on shrimp. While high in cholesterol content, shrimp are

  • low in fat
  • high in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B-12 and Niacin
  • mineral rich with iron, zinc and copper

Shrimp has actually been shown to lower triglyceride levels (mine are high), while NOT increasing cholesterol levels. Great news for me--I love shrimp!

6:45 dinner at a little place in New Smyrna on the way back home. With all the sun, sand, and water, I was actually pretty hungry. I talked my mom into splitting the surf and turf with me so I had 4 oz of steak and 2 grilled shrimp. I did have a baked potato with butter, but I ate only half of it and I made myself eat the skin, where a lot of the vitamins and nutrients are. After a little research, the baked potato (by itself, of course) is not all that bad for you either. Of course, being high in carbs and having to be accompanied by butter means it's not a food choice I will/can make very often. :-)

That was Mother's Day, day six. Maybe I'm deluding myself, but I think all-in-all I made some pretty food good choices. What do you think? Take my poll on the left and let me know! :-)

191 today,



Anonymous said...

We are happy to hear you enjoyed Mommy Day...we had a nice weekend at the beach too! Let's make plans soon......xoxoxoxo Keep Up The Hard Work!!!!!!!!!!!