Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day Three

Day three has started off just like the first two. Adipex pill, 32-oz of water, and straight to work!

10:30 the irritability is back. I think it's more an effect of Jonah-the-stinker, as opposed to the drugs. :-P

12:00 took Jonah out for a little rollerblading. Got my 30 minutes in, YAY! Plus 10 minutes of brisk walking to cool down. Oh my, I'm a sweaty mess! At least Jonah was chill--he loves watching the birds, squirrels and lizards.

1:30 lunchtime. After rollerblading we came in and had some lunch. While I watched the little piggy eat, I had a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese (protein is good after exercising) and a diet Pepsi.

5:30 does struggling through the grocery store with two kids count as exercise? It should. By the time I got to the checkout with my full cart, I was actually sweating so much the cashier for the lane next to mine gave me some paper towels! That must be my metabolism in overdrive!

During my fun-filled trip to the grocery store, Ivonne called me with my blood results from Monday. On some levels I'm pretty healthy. Unfortunately, my cholesterol is high (shocked!), my triglycerides are high (really??), and I'm a wee anemic (never heard that one before). This is confirmation that it's time for a change!

7:30 dinnertime. I had a SBD frozen entree, weighing in at 210 calories, and a 1/2 glass of milk. The meatloaf was actually pretty tasty (either that or I'm starved and delirious).

10:00 day three is over. Let's see what day four brings me.

Oh, BTW, when I weighed myself at Winn-Dixie, the scale said that I've lost 6 pounds. Just thought I'd mention it. ;-)

192 today,



Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo for 6 pounds. That is a great start. Cheering for you every day kiddo.


Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK!!! Keep up the hard can do it!


web-betty said...

Thanks guys! Reading the comments and knowing my friends care enough to check up on me and my journey means a lot!

KrUsher said...

Way to go on the jump roping! I would die after 30 minutes of that. When I was a little kid, we always did this event called "Jump Rope for Heart" every year. You just brought back some fun memories!! Keep it up!