Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day Five

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers I know.

It's a scorcher here in FLA. 9:45 a.m. and it's already 80 degrees. Woo hoo! I was doing a little surfing on SparkPeople before getting ready for my busy day, and I came across a great comment:

"I want to weigh what my driver's license says I weigh."

Well, here goes:

8:10 Adipex and some water (not my usual 32-oz, but that's ok, I'll get there).

9:00 Chris tried to tempt me with his yummy eggs and hashbrowns, but I wasn't hungry (even though they smelled delicious), so I didn't eat. Now it's time to get ready for a busy day.

2:30 Zachary's t-ball party. I finished Jonah's hamburger (1/2, meat only, not cheese no condiments), had a 1/2 cup of potato salad, a slice of tomato, and 2 apple slices. Not bad! I have to confess I did have three Miller Lites while chillin' by the pool. Since my caloric intake is still under 1000 (even with this transgression) I don't think it will affect my weight loss. In general, my goal is to plan ahead. If I'm going to be in a situation where I will have a beer, I need to have earned that beer by working out beforehand. This was an exception. ;-)

6:00 back at home. The good news is I didn't snack on a single thing at the pool party, even though I was tempted. There were some cheese cubes calling my name, along with a hotdog and a cupcake. I wasn't really hungry, but psychologically I really wanted to nibble more. But I didn't.

7:30 had a SBD frozen entree. This one only had 210 calories and it wasn't bad. (I liked the meatloaf better.)

Adipex is still working its magic--the Winn-Dixie scale says I've lost another pound!

191 today,



Michelle said...

Way to ignore those pool party foods calling out to you!! Keep up the amazing work!

web-betty said...

Thanks Michelle! You hang in there too. ;-)

Jessica said...

betty I just want to tell u that I really enjoyed reading ur blogs due to your blogs u encouraged me to start one of my own i've never written a weight-loss diary before but I hope that it helps me so that I can achieve my goal. stop by and visit with me when u get a chance