Monday, May 12, 2008

Day Seven

One week in and I think I'm doing ok. I still need to exercise more--that's one area I'm not excelling in right now.

7:45 Adipex and 32 oz of water.

12:00 lunch with Jonah. I had 1.25 servings (half the can) of Campbell's vegetable beef soup. Before starting this program, I would have eaten the entire can, with a turkey or ham sandwich. I felt just right after finishing. Not full, not hungry. :-) I'll enjoy the other half of the can tomorrow for lunch.

4:45 had a light snack. 2 slices of mozzarella cheese and a serving of thin-sliced turkey breast. Yum.

7:00 dinner was 5 oz of ham, 1 serving of scalloped potatoes, and 1 serving of brussel sprouts.

Did get my exercise today, too. 30 minutes of jumping rope. You might think that's not much, but it burns 480 calories, and I was sweating my butt off! (Hopefully!)

191 today,



KrUsher said...

Ok, I'm clearly no blogger. I just posted this to the wrong day - I'll try again: :)

Way to go on the jump roping! I would die after 30 minutes of that. When I was a little kid, we always did this event called "Jump Rope for Heart" every year. You just brought back some fun memories!! Keep it up!

web-betty said...

Thanks KB! Jumping rope is definitely more of a challenge as an adult!