Friday, May 9, 2008

Day Four

Slept pretty good last night. :-)

Day four has started like the others.

7:45 Adipex and 32-oz of water. Still feeling energy, not crazed.

12:15 feeling a little grumbly, so I snacked on a mild cheddar cheese stick and a few slices of turkey breast lunchmeat.

7:30 had dinner. (There wasn't really much to report between noon and now.) Dinner was HH stroganoff, a side of cauliflower and a glass of milk. I learned two things tonight during dinner:

  1. HH is actually healthier than you think, as long as you use lowfat milk and lean hamburger (or even ground turkey). Can you believe one serving has only 310 calories and 10% or more of the RDV of 6 vitamins and minerals?! I'm not advocating eating it every meal--it's still a little high in carbs and saturated fat, but as far as quick meals go, it's a lot better than a pepperoni pizza.
  2. A serving of milk is 1 cup, or 8 oz. A normal pint glass is 12 oz. If you fill a pint glass up with milk, you are getting 1 1/2 servings at a time. That means that for years I've been drinking 60 extra calories almost every night with dinner. That adds up. :-p

9:15 boys are in bed, time to workout. Did some strength training with the Total Gym for 30 minutes. Fumbled through it since I'm not used to the equipment, but that's ok. I'll be a pro in no time.

So that was day four. Thanks to everyone who has checked in on my progress, and especially to those who have commented. I even received some encouragement from a really nice person in Michigan who is taking Adipex as well. We're now sharing our stories back and forth! I've also met two other people here in FLA who are committed to making healthier choices. We are communicating back and forth with words of encouragement and moral support. Love to you all!

192 today,



Anonymous said...

Your blog is very encouraging, keep up the great work and you will be where you want to be in no time. I look foward to coming back here often to check in. Congrats on the weight loss already!!

web-betty said...

Thank you so much! Encouraging comments have been so helpful in keeping me on track. :-)

Michelle said...

Way to keep eating healthy! You are an inspiration!