Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Down 14 pounds

Well, I had to get weighed yesterday when I went in to see Ivonne at the doctor because I had done something to my eye Monday night. I was pretty happy that the scale said 184—which means I've lost 14 pounds so far. I know I should be thrilled at that number since I haven't been working out, but you know how it is. We always want more!

I am happy with how my clothes have been fitting. They're getting looser and looser and I think I look much trimmer. Now I need to kick things up a notch, as Emeril would say, and get back into the exercise mode I was in before I went to Denver. Then I think I'd start seeing even better results. Next week I'll post a pic and you can be the judge!

184 today,



KrUsher said...

Way to go, Mel! As Emeril would say, BAM! :) I'm proud of you honey. I wish we lived near each other, we could exercise together!!!

Anonymous said...

you rock! Did you get my message? We need to go out!