Friday, October 3, 2008

Don't put that in your mouth! Emeril says "kick it up a notch!"

Things are a little slow-going right now, but the Adipex still appears to be working (just not as dramatic as in the beginning). I went in to see Ivonne last week, and she's pleased with my progress. Not ecstatic—I could be doing more to help my weight loss along—but still pleased. She did prescribe me another month, so let's see what October brings me.

Halloween won't be a big deal since I'm really not much of a candy eater anyway. I'll leave that to the boys. Now that the weather is starting to be more temperate (it's a wonderful 71 right now), the thought of going outside for a power walk is definitely appealing.

I weighed myself at the store Tuesday. Down 2 more pounds!! I'm going to try and challenge myself to 2 more pounds by Monday. Let's see if I can "kick it up a notch" as Emeril would say. Hmm, quoting a chef...maybe not the wisest move...

166 today,



Miss Caught Up said...

That is great!!!

It's a good thing you're not a candy eater. I am. I just wish I can stop eating chocolates.... meh... :'(

web-betty said... candy. Good thing trick or treating doesn't involve pasta or rice, however. :)